Those big and beautiful trees can make your home look nice and add value. But tree roots can damage your home plumbing system. To avoid high drain root removal costs, check the trees outside your home and see if they might cause problems.

Let’s look at how tree roots impact your home plumbing.

Why Tree Roots Affect Plumbing

Before we talk about signs of problems, let’s explain why tree roots cause plumbing issues. A tree’s roots can be as long as three times its height. They spread out in all directions, looking for water and nutrients in the soil.

If there is a crack in an underground pipe, tree roots will find the leaking water and wrap around the pipes. Roots can even get inside pipes and block the water flow.

For homes with clay pipes, roots can be attracted to water in the pipes without a leak. Clay pipes have a porous surface that attracts roots. Over time, roots can put pressure on the clay pipes, causing cracks and more damage.

But what can you do to protect yourself from this common plumbing problem? Let’s look at the signs that tree roots are impacting your home plumbing.

Slow Drains

It’s a common issue. You’re washing dishes or taking a bath and notice the water isn’t draining away as fast as usual. Underground pipes carry water away from the home. But when tree roots block the pipes, they can’t keep the water flowing.

Tree roots can slow your drains or even stop water from leaving your system. If you think tree roots are causing slow drains, check multiple drains in your home. If only one drain is slow, it’s likely a small blockage. But if many drains are slow, it could be a bigger blockage, like a tree root.

Sewer Backups

If you have a sewer backup, you’ll first notice it in drains closest to the ground level. Most people see the problem in ground-level bathrooms and kitchens. If water isn’t flowing down and dirty water is backing up, it’s a big problem.

Tree roots aren’t the only cause of sewer backups, but they are a major issue. If there has been heavy rain recently, it can also cause the main sewer line to overflow.

Sinkholes in Your Yard

Usually, homeowners find plumbing problems before they cause a sinkhole. But sometimes, you might miss the early signs. A sinkhole happens because water erodes the soil in your yard.

If there’s a big blockage in the main sewer line, sinkholes can form quickly. If you see water pooling in one area of your yard, call a Weston plumber right away to check the line.

Remember, checking for tree root problems can save you a lot of trouble. If you need help, call a local plumber in Weston. They have the tools and experience to keep your plumbing system working well and your home safe.